Prompts for ChatGPT and other AI tools

Ideas for when you run out of ideas!

This list of prompts is perfect for content creators using tools like ChatGPT and other AI software. It contains all the necessary instructions that can help you create amazing material.


  • Based on my mission to [state mission and niche], I am providing a [product, service, or personal brand] that offers a unique and innovative approach. Help me explain the value of this product/service and how it can benefit my target audience, in just 30 seconds.

  • Identify the top five market trends in [industry] and discuss their implications for my [product or service] business.

  • [Insert the description of your personal or business brand]. Help me create a powerful brand story for my brand using the [Ephemeris or Important Date] framework.


  • [Paste your writing or story]. Review the above text for spelling and grammar errors. Make the sentences clearer.

  • Write a framework in H2s and H3s for a long-form blog post on [insert topic].