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Thank you for your interest in what I can offer. If you need any additional information, please don’t hesitate to contact me.


I enjoy elevating brands and ideas that follow positive global trends, and I am excited to use digital marketing strategies to create content that is both informative and entertaining. These are the types of copy I can write for you.

Press Releases

  • You will make the news of your organization known.
  • The text will attract the interest of relevant journalists and media.
  • I will help you spread it effectively.

Social Media Posts

  • You will have an editorial calendar to keep your account active.
  • Timely and targeted texts to keep your audience captive.
  • Posts that can be used as an ad later.

All things website

  • Your entire website will have a cohesive and attractive message.
  • Dynamic texts that go straight to the point.
  • Effective calls to action to generate conversions.

B2B Blogposts

  • Articles optimized with SEO.
  • You will invite other companies to be part of your client portfolio.
  • You will position yourself as an expert among your competition.

B2C Blogposts

  • Articles optimized with SEO.
  • Texts designed to generate conversions and obtain new customers.
  • You can attest to the positive impact of your products and services.


  • Articles focused on the social impact of events and trends.
  • Supported by legitimate studies, interviews with experts and people of interest.
  • Captivating and in depth texts, but simple.

About Me


I have a Master’s in Journalism, Media, and Globalization, with a specialization in Media and Politics from the University of Aarhus in Denmark and the University of Amsterdam in the Netherlands; I was the first Venezuelan to take this prestigious master’s degree, and I also had the honor of receiving a full scholarship. Previously I graduated with a bachelor’s degree in Social Communication and Journalism from the Arturo Michelena University in Venezuela.


I worked as a radial production assistant for Unión Radio Valencia and Lagarto FM. I was a journalist for regional Venezuelan media such as Notitarde in Carabobo, Diario Nuevo Día in Falcón, and the WTC Radio website in Valencia. Media coordinator and community manager for Taste Before You Waste in Amsterdam. Back in Venezuela, I worked on digital marketing projects with Planeta de Redes and reinvented my career as a copywriter when I started writing and editing for the InvGate blog.


I am interested in talking about the tangible effects of globalization. In that context, I like to write about social trends, economics, and ecology, as well as discuss the challenges this represents for journalism with my colleagues. But on the other hand, my greatest dream is to give a voice of its own to Latin American realities and cultures that lack accurate representation and interpretation worldwide.

Some of the Media and Brands I Have Worked With